What a Man and Woman Need From Each Other In a Relationship

In every relationship, it takes a whole to keep it strong and going. Most people are yet to come to this understanding and which is why there is still a lot of ups and down. A lot of fighting either due to miscommunication or misinterpretation, a lot of sex-less nights and no verbal communication.

There are personal needs from both the male and the female sides in a relationship which needs to be meet for things to go smoothly. Understanding the basic needs of a man and a woman would help build a long-lasting relationship for you. Just below some of the very key and important needs of a man and a woman equally has been treated.


True, there are some men who are good at communicating what they want. But then it is for a fact that most men are quite reluctant in talking about their needs with their partner in intimate relationships. They have been taught to stay strong even in the face of trials and sadness.

This then makes them keep to themselves and just suffer the pains in silence. This makes it more important than ever to understand what men really need, not just what they say they need or think they need. Though every man is different and so are their needs different, but there are very basic needs almost every man needs from a woman he’s dating. Here are some of the most important needs:

Basic Needs of All Men In A Relationship

Praise And Approval

Men may tend to appear very strong, but then they actually need a lot of praises to be able to keep their ego high. They always need praises and approval in various angles like their career path, attractiveness, and even their sexual capability. They always want to know what the woman likes them for or what she is attracted to, down to the physical features. This makes them feel very loved and noticed and if you always praise his good sides, you would likely see more of it.


Every man likes to be at the top of the affairs. They want the women to respect them, for who they are, what they do and how they do it. They love it when the women appreciate and encourage them. Some men love to be seen as heroes, someone you look up to for advice. Men feel respect is a way of showing that you love them.

A Sense Of Sexual Connection

This is a common need of both the men and women generally, and it is no secret that they both need sex. There is a deep level of communication through sex. Physical intimacy includes more than just sex like kissing, cuddling, and others. It is also said that men connect and communicate better with sex.

It does not mean entirely that partners can’t connect or communicate better without sex either. This has been a cause to the break up in many relationships, as the man finds it difficult to communicate with the woman as they have not been physical. And the woman is not ready to open up sexually until she is convinced of their connection.

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Therefore it is necessary to know what works for him and makes him feel loved. Some women even complain that their man is not sexually attracted to them. Firstly you need to take out time and examine yourself. Are you presentable enough, now am not talking about a new hairdo or makeup, am talking about your dress sense and your body fragrance as a lady. Avoid appearing weak at all costs. Perceived “weakness” includes things like complaining, divulging fears or concerns, and expressing self-doubt or worry.


Giving a man freedom in a relationship means giving space when he needs it, letting him go out with his male friends, encouraging his hobbies, and also not stalking him like a fly. Stalking a man either by always being around needed or not needed or with a jealous attitude is the fastest way to end a relationship. Giving a man freedom also means that he isn’t your entire life. If you define yourself by the man you’re seeing, there’s a good chance you could scare him away. So let him be. Give him some time off to breathe, roam, hang out with friends, and time out with his personal devices. It would make him always cone to you and also be free and fond of you.

Physical Touch

Most men need frequent non-sexual touch as well as a sense of sexual access. This touch has a way of passing little messages to the men. Messages like ” I love you, I want to feel you, I am always here for you, I just admire you”. This touch is most appreciated when a man seems tired, stressed, angry, weak or even confused about a thing.


Men and women are both attracted to been sure in a relationship that you won’t leave. But security is deeper than just the fact that you won’t leave him. It cuts across the angle of knowing that you approve of him and where he is in his career. He feels secure and loved when you touch him non-sexually throughout the day. He feels secure when he is allowed to have his guys’ nights away from you. He feels secure when you do not checkmate him like he is a toddler and you just love him in the way that he most needs.


Trust is like the basic foundation of a relationship. Having trust and faith in a man means you think he’s a good person. You know him and aren’t trying to accuse, blame, or attack him. If a man doesn’t feel comfortable with you, he’ll move on to another woman. Trust and have faith in a man unless he gives you a reason not to.



Quite simple, just as every man has a need from his woman in a relationship, so also does a woman have her own needs from her man in a relationship. It’s definitely not something that is mysterious. Women might be quite demanding, but there are some basic needs and certain qualities that once present there is little or nothing at all to worry about.

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The problem at this point is that they are rare men who possess these qualities. Yes, no one is perfect, even the women. But then, it does not mean yours should be awful either, you just need a bit of these good qualities to be good to go. The truth is men and women are at an emotional stalemate, they both tend to feel different when something seems to be lacking in a relationship. Men are not able to penetrate their women, and women are not totally open to the men.

Factly speaking, the reason why a woman would be enclosed to a man is simply that the men are not giving them what they want or desire in a man. There are quite a handful of tips to the qualities most women look out for in a man below.

Make Her Feel Loved and Appreciated

Everywoman always wants to have the feeling of being loved and appreciated in their relationship. Do not make her feel like it was a mistake to have chosen her. This act is done by most men to women and at that point, any lady would start to have her doubts if she would be happy with the one she loves.

Support Her

The support of a man to his woman helps to strengthen every relationship and it helps kicks away secrecy. The reason why most men say that their woman hides things is that those women know that their lover would not support them.

Accepting Her for Who She Really is

Very vital, because no one forced you to choose her. You saw a beautiful lady and you felt that she is good for you. Men should not forget that everyone has their lapses as humans in one way or the other. Do not go comparing her to other ladies, and accept her for her unique personality.

Never stop Admiring or Telling How Beautiful she is

“You are the most beautiful woman in the world for me, and I love you this way” There is no woman on this planet earth who does not love such comments from her man. It has a way of giving her a higher self-confidence and making her feel that her man has his eyes only on her.

Give Her the Atmosphere of Being Safe

A lot of men are very sneaky and this makes any woman uncomfortable. She immediately either develops a fear for the unknown or become insecure. Giving your woman the atmosphere of being safe means being transparent on all sides. It also entails a man being able to defend his woman at all times.

Let there be a Connection Between your Dreams, Goals, and Hers

Having a connection even in dreams, goals and life ambition helps to strengthen the bond between partners. It helps partners to understand each other better and see things from the same perspective. For instance, a woman who is a lover of God and has the vision to serve God squarely would need a God loving man to be able to fill this dream. Else such dreams would be terminated.

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Do Not Break Her Trust

No matter who you talk to, most women want someone that is honest. Without honesty, we have nothing to build on. If a guy wants to truly enter the world of any woman, he needs to be more direct and honest with her. Once a woman trust is broken in a relationship, it can never come back same. Women don’t need a prophet to figure out if you are telling the truth, just be honest with them about the relationship. Men are to be very careful about having his woman’s trust, it is a very important tool in every relationship.

Give Her a Special Treat to Make Her feel Special and Valued

Do not be a boring lover. Every woman wants a relationship that is well spiced with something new and surprising sometimes. I bet that most men don’t know how it feels for a lady to receive a dress as a package in her office, with a short note telling her to be ready after work in those dress as a vehicle would come to pick her .


Every woman needs a level of attention from her man and when she is not getting it, most women

No doubt a woman talks a lot, and so they need their man to be a very good listener. Most women love to describe how their day went, telling how they meet so and so person. How someone got her angry and how she reacted. American author and humorist Dave Barry said: “What women want is: To be loved, to be listened to, to be desired, to be respected, to be needed, to be trusted and sometimes, just to be held.”

Be Reliable

Women need a guy that can help them do the chores around the house and help them when they need it most. A man that is reliable, is a true treasure. He is on time and will be there when you need him. He is a guy that won’t flake out because things get bumpy in the relationship or won’t dip because you are having a personal disaster. If a chap is there for you no matter what, he is a keeper! This is why so many women keep searching for a trait like this in men because they are rare.

Keep a Tight Communication

If a relationship is going to work, you need communication for a lasting bond. Women need to communicate and when it is lacking and they complain most men tend to think they are nagging. When a man does not talk a woman can interpret it in different ways like you are hiding something, you don’t want to talk to them, or don’t trust their views and opinions. Men communicate mainly through sex, but communication is more than intimacy. It’s also about you opening up about your feelings.

Emotional Intimacy/Attraction

This is also an important need of a woman. They want the men to always touch them. Women are more sexual conscious than men, but then they know how to control themselves. It doesn’t mean they should be starved of it either.




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