Hilarious & Popular Naija Street Slangs You Should Know

The country Nigeria which also has its street slang name as ” Naija” is a fabulous and exciting place to live in. A lot of beautiful places to visit, lots of different foods to feed your stomach, lots of lovely things to buy even to the clothes we wear on our body, Fun places for sightseeing, just to mention but a few but then, the list is not complete without the addition of the Nigeria street slang which is more used in the Lagos state part of Nigeria. Nigeria is a beautiful place to be no doubts, but then surviving the streets of Nigeria and Lagos precisely is another ball game entirely. To survive the streets of Nigeria and most especially Lagos part you will have to be “street smart” and also know the language of the street. Though it’s not just about knowing the language of the street or speaking them either, the attitude you put up while saying it also matters. Just like an adage that says ” When you go to Rome, you behave like the Rome“. There are several slangs Nigerians at home and Abroad uses to communicate with each other whenever they see their fellow Nigerians both at home or Abroad. Majority of these street slangs have become so popular and widely accepted that if you don’t know them, you, therefore, regarded as a visitor. You may feel or think less of its importance until you get to the street and you hear people using these street slangs, and you get lost in a conversation, or “They sell you” and make you feel stupid, or worst still you get into trouble and people don’t get to understand your explanation because they do not understand you big grammars and they quickly misjudge that you are at fault. some of those hilarious street slangs are; Wetin Happen, How body, JJC, Okada, Awoof, Mugu, Amebo, Waka to list but a few as more would be listed and their meanings are given below.

Below are a few slangs that would give you a sense of belonging in Nigeria


Nigerians are known to walk long distances a lot, but then most times instead of using the word walk they rather say ” WAKA” which means to travel/go/walk away.


The slang ‘Ojoro/Wayo’ simply means “Cheating”.

Eke Don Come oooh

The Nigerian police are greatly feared in Nigeria. It is always advisable to avoid getting into any problem with them. And the Nigerian tugs most especially in Lagos uses the Eke slang to alert their gang members that the police is around. Eke don come simply means “The police is around”


When you hear this you might likely get confused because the word is not an English word. This word “sabi” means “To know something” and it is most likely said in this manner ” Na you sabi”

You don Kolo

You don kolo just means “You have gone crazy”.


Everybody eats to first keep alive before looking for means of surviving, so “Chop” is one of the most famous slang which means “To eat”.

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Bad Belle

This is another popularly used slang in Nigeria. When someone calls you bad belle, they simply meant that “You are jealous”.

Fashi am

The word “Fashi am” simply means “Forget it/ Let it be”. This word is mostly heard during a heated argument, whereby no one is coming to agreeing to terms with each other.


This is also another word that is mostly heard when the argument has gone bad and is about to turn into a fight. “Woza” simply means “To slap”.


Gbeborun/Amebo is a name for “Gossip”. Aaaaah…… and trust me when I say there is no Nigeria most especially Lagos state without these set of people who talk about virtually everything their eyes sees.


This word is more popular amongst Nigerian students. “Runs” simply means “Trying to do things the wrong way”.


Peche means “To Hang out, Chill out, Flex”. Flexing and enjoying one’s self, as it is the only way to relieve one of the stresses of the day.


Hmmmm….. I can not really say what and how the slang for these came about, but then truth be said there is some backside that you would see and you would not know when you rename the word bottom. “Bakassi/IkebeBackside” all refers to “A lady’s bottom”


These set of people are everywhere in Nigeria. The most annoying part is some people even pretend to be one when they are not. “ITK” is a word which means “I too know/I know more than others/ even the over serious people”.


The word “Comot” is used when someone wants to go somewhere. it simply means “To leave, To go out, To take a walk”


The kids from rich homes are the people who were given this nickname because they are known to be spoilt brats who can not do anything. “Ajebutter” is known as “The rich spoilt kid”.


Nack is an action word which simply means “To hit Something/ Someone”


This is another confusing word because it has no mix of English words in it. So if you do not have a flow with the street slangs you would definitely not know that the person talking to you is simply referring to “The Entrance of a house”.


Kpai is a word which is used in the place of the original English word “Die/Kill”


Awoof dey purge belle ooh ! as a popular Nigeria saying states. “Awoof” is known as “Free, To get something free”.

Tey Tey

This word simply means “For a long time” This word is so popular that even musicians have used and are still using it in their music hits.

How Body?

When you hear ‘how body’ the speaker is just asking “How are you?” and usually the response is ‘ Body dey where e dey or Body dey inside cloth’.


This word is said to get someone calm. Pam means “To be patient”

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This word is said to be mostly used by ladies to address guys who they have been engaged in and they have acted stupidly for their liking. “Mugu/ Maga” is known to mean “Fool/A person who has been deceived”.


This word is used to ask of another person’s opinion. “Abi” simply means “Right/Exactly”.

O’ boy/ My guy

The word O’boy/My guy is used to call someone. O’boy/My guy is known to mean “A close male friend”.


This word is used to affirm that what you have said is understood, right, correct, so “Shey” means “Is that right/correct”

Like Play Like Play

Like play like play is a word which means “Jokingly/Stylishly”


Smiles am sure like thousands of people know this for a fact. Yahoo/419 simply means an “Internet fraudster”


This word is used to describe a particular transport system. Okada is known to mean “Motorcycle”.

Black Maria

This slang is simply used to talk about a van. it means the “Prison Van”


This street slang originated from the Yorubas and Agidi simply means “Stubborn/Display of Stubbornness”.

Bone Face

There are some people who know how to do this very well, feeling like they are better than other people. “Bone Face” simply means “To Snub Somebody”.


This slang simply means “To poise/walk in a stylish way”


The is a kind and unique way to walk. “Bounce” simply means “To walk in a certain way to get noticed”

Brush You

Brush You is a slang popularly used by the street thugs to threaten people and it means “To Beat up Someone”.


This slang is known to mean “To go Mad”.


This is a name the local people call the people they seem to feel are better than them. Tush means “A Redefined Person”


This slang is more familiar to students. Sort is known to mean “To bribe somebody/Bribe your way through a thing”

To Crash

This slang simply means “To sleep”

No Wahala

In Nigeria when you hear “No Wahala” it just means “No Trouble/No Worries”.

How You dey

This slang just means ” How are you doing”.

Wetin Happen

The slang “WETIN” means “What”, and it is used in different instances. For example ‘Wetin Happen’ which means “What Happen”, ‘Wetin you talk’ which means “What did you say?”


This slang is a name given to some set people that come into Nigeria. JJC simply means ” Johnny Just Come”.

You Just Fall my Hand

Even I myself, am very conversant with this slang, and it simply means “You just disappoint me/You let me down”.

I Dey Kampe

This slang simply means ” I am doing very great”.

Dash Me

When a Nigerian says ‘dash me’, he or she simply means “Give it to me as a gift”.

Pepper don Rest

The pepper talked about here, refers to money. So, when someone says ‘pepper don rest’ he or she is simply saying “money has come/I have gotten a lot of money”.

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This is a slang which is most called some peculiar set of humans and it means “Thin”


To ‘Drop’ does not go with the literal meaning something falling off your hands. In the slang usage ‘Drop’ could mean two different things which are either ” I want to get off a commercial bus, a car or taxi” or I want to hire a taxi” and so one could either say ‘ I want to drop here’/‘I want to take a drop’

I Pass My Neighbour

This slang for a particular item in the home. Back in the days, the people who had this in their homes feel that they are better off than their neighbor who doesn’t. This slang simply means ” A small Generator”.

I go Change am For You

This is no political change we all know, nor is it the popular balance of our money we usually request for. In this context, the person speaking is simply telling you “To be careful and not annoy him or you’ll be dealt with”.

Burst my Cskeroo/Bubbles

This slang is more familiar amongst students, it is a way of expressing that they were impressed. Burst my bubbles simply means “Blow my mind/ Am impressed”.

Comot for Road

This slang simply means “Get out of the way/ Leave the road/Give way”.

I No Send You

This one is mostly said in a situation where people are having a misunderstanding, and it simply means “I don’t care what happens to you”.

Dem No Born You Well/Reach

In Nigeria, this slang is a threat to see you do your worst. ‘Dem No Born you well’ simply means ” I dare you to try something funny or do as You have said”.


This slang simply means ” Music “.

Bone that Thing

This is also no bone from our meat. Here the meaning of this slang spoken by the speaker simply means “Forget that thing/Ignore that thing”.


This slang is used on one who pretends. ‘Demor’ just means “To Act up”.

Baff up/ Kak up

This slang is talking about the way a person is dressed. When someone says this to you, it just means ” You should dress up nicely”.

Just Dey Land

When you hear someone say this, or someone says it to you directly the person is simply trying to inform you that “He/She just Arrived”.

Gbege/Gobe/Yawa Don Gas

This slang ‘Gbege/Gobe/ Yawa don Gas simply means “There is Trouble”.


This is a slang name for some street people who cause a nuisance on the street. ‘Agbero’ just means ” Tugs”.

Na me be dis?

This slang is used to ponder over a particular situation or happening. ‘ Na me be dis’ just means “Is this really happening to me?”

All Join

This slang is used when someone does not want to go over a particular argument or discussion. ‘All Join’ Simply means “All Included”.

Pour Sand Sand for my Garri

This slang simply means “To Ruin someone’s plans/ Spoil someone’s show”.


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