Magical Ways to Put a Smile on Someone’s Face

A smile, what can I say but that it is a lovely expression that is referred to as the magical act that could change and turn situations around for the best. A smile is defined as a facial expression which is characterized on the face in which the ends of the mouth curve up slightly, often with the lips moving apart so that the teeth can be seen. Giving one a smile is a special thing to do and a nice way to show love and care, also to lighten and brighten up someone’s day, which is why it is said that you are not completely dressed until you have worn a smile.

Smiles are seen as one of the dressing up material to always have. Every human most time have something that is working them up, getting them angry or pushing them into great depths of despair and a smile from a friend, neighbor, business friend or associate, family or stranger you never can tell can change their mood, make them more relaxed, am sure you have heard of the medical discovery that it takes more muscles to frown and fewer muscles to smile. In other words, stay healthy and smile more often, besides you never can the situation you are turning around by making people happy.

Below are a few things that you can do to give someone a magical smile

Surprise Visit

A visit is always very important and appreciated, it makes that person feel loved and remembered. It could also cheer up and change the mood of someone who is depressed and unhappy. A surprise visit would definitely always do the magic of putting smiles on someone’s face.

Deliver Lunch at their Office

A hungry man is an angry man just like adage says. Sending lunch at break time to one’s office could put a smile on their face and save them the stress of going out to look for what to eat. All you need do is package their favorite meal and deliver to them at their office and watch how they smile while eating. Make u find out if they are at work or would have a meeting so as to plan well.

Give someone a hug

A hug is the most comforting gift you can give to someone, it could stand to signify that a person is welcomed to a place, also to say I care or I love you without saying it, happy to see one, or in the case of some in a bad situation telling them “I have got your back”.

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Send them a Text

Text messages are magical trust me because I have had the experience and I know it felt. Text messages are a way of expressing how you feel in words, even for words that you find difficult to say with your mouth. Sending a text for one to see once they get up from the bed is another way to put a smile on someone’s face and has a special way of boosting her confidence and zeal in herself for that day. sending a message to a lady in the morning will get her attention and give her a great start for the day. For instance, A lady wakes up to receive a message that says

” Good morning sunshine,

wake up to a great and fulfilling day my beautiful one.

I hope this puts a smile on your face.

Enjoy your day and have a blast!”

Bouquet of Flower

Flowers is one gift that is so much appreciated by ladies because they so much love it even with the nice smell that comes out of it. Flowers are most times given from the male to the female to tell them how beautiful they are which can put a smile on any lady’s face because they love it when they are praised.

Lovely Outfits

This is one of the greatest need of human in general. Everyone needs the various categories of outfit for different occasions. Buying a dress would be appreciated and definitely put that desired smile on their face.

Get an Adorable Pet

Cute little pet could also do the magic of putting a smile on someone’s face, especially for those who love animals. one of the best animal to give as a gift to put a smile on someone’s face is a little beautiful, innocent puppy who would jump and play around your friend until it finally grows into an amazing homely dog that could even go on little errands and keep company.

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Phone or Video Chat

Communication is one of the very important tool for everyday living, though everyday life is quite a very busy one for most people, they end up not having time for their friends or themselves even though they want to, so therefore standing in the gap and schedule a time for communication to talk about the likes of each other, the activities of the day, plans and project for the future, jokes to ease the stress of the day. Doing what they want to do but couldn’t would put a smile on their face.

Buy a Large Portion of Chocolate

Oooh, the name alone creates an excitement that cannot be explained, the sweetness of chocolate can put a smile on someone’s face without hesitation, but then be very careful of how frequent you present such because it could damage the person’s tooth, make them have stomach upset, or create addiction which could make them lose shape.

Give Pleasant Compliments or Appreciate a Job well done

Appreciating or giving nice compliments to a person can also put a beautiful smile on their face. Everyone loves it when they are complimented, most especially for a job well done or for some amazing talent and skill displayed. This would not only put a smile on the face but give such person more zeal and strength to do a more perfect job next time.

Play Pranks

Pranks could be so much fun, maybe for you at the beginning, but then at the end when they finally have been informed that it wasn’t real it could make them smile.


This might sound funny, but the truth is these different applications or snapchat which have a way of deforming a person and giving an imaginary look if they were to be something else has a nice way of put a smile, if not a laugh on someone’s face.

Movie Date

Fixing a movie date for yourself and a friend or loved one would put a smile on their face. A movie date would help ease them of stress, pressure, unhappiness and make them smile if not laugh more, depending on the choice of movie. Dong forget to add some snacks that would keep the mouth busy and you can as well say some sweet nice words during the watch of the movie.

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Jokes already have a way of making one laugh, but then pulling a bad or crazy joke even though they are really bad, they would never fail to put a smile on someone’s face.

Make a Playlist they could Watch or listen to when they miss you

This is quite recent, with the provision of the new apps you could make a playlist video of some memorable throwback pictures of times shared in different places and times, you could also include all of your favorite songs and other new stuff you think they would love or you want them to see.

Encouraging Quotes, Words, GIF’s, or Photos

Words of encouragements are also a very nice way to put a smile on someone’s face, you could decide to construct your own words or go online to find soothing words for him/her. This is more appreciated when one is to have an important meeting coming up, a trial time, a wedding, birthday or any celebration of any sort. It gets them to not only smile, but also feel loved and cherished.

Tickets to an Event

Is there a cool and mind blowing upcoming event that you know he/she would like to attend but does not have the money or time to go get the ticket, getting the ticket for them would put a smile on their faces as they enter their dream event, art museum, and many more.

Deliver a Surprise Package

Surprises are one action that could put a smile on your desired friend face, getting them something they never expected or they wished for in a long while to their door steps.

Tickets for a Trip home

Home sweet home as they say, going home and staying with family members is one thing that could put a smile on that special one’s face most especially when its been long they have seen each other. This could also be either ways you get your love one the ticket or you bring the family members down to your loved one.


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