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NIGERIAN VLOG : Relationships


Choose the relationships in your life wisely as it could determine your overall well being. i love to surround myself with the right people that help me grow.

we also have a responsibility not to only take from others but to give as well.

This video dicusses the kind of relationships we should all focus on and the negative relationships we should cut out from our life.

Every soul has a treasure and until that soul is won for Jesus, the treasure is dormant.
Every child of God has a part to play in the kingdom.
Every child of God is a star born to the world.
A soul carries the capacity to be a solution provider and change the world for the better.we are Christians and we impact our world positively to the glory of the almighty God!
Let us save souls today (friends,family,strangers,social media network every one we come across)
So please share,post,discuss and like our page so others can see and be blessed.
Please feel free to discuss Jesus on this platform! Don’t be shy! #ShareJESUS, we will love to chat with you about God’s word.


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