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Should Men Be Paid More Than Women For Doing The Same Job?!


There is no country in the world where women are paid more than men.
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To add insult to injury, in many parts of the world, men are paid more than women for doing the exact same job regardless of whether they have the same qualifications!

This happens in Nigeria, America, the United Kingdom, France, Germany……………..

So don’t think it’s a third world or ‘African’ thing. It’s a thing full stop.

Do you think the blatant gender pay gap is acceptable?

BattaBox’s Odunayo hit the streets of Lagos to find out whether Nigerians think it’s OK for men to be paid more than women for doing the same job.

Here are some of their interesting answers…

“She’s being cheated. So far she has the same qualifications…she’s being cheated,” one man states.

“If men can be the head of the home, I believe in any organisation men should also be the head and they should be paid above women,” one man says.

“I don’t feel the man should be paid higher. It should be equal,” another man says.

“We are equal so we deserve the best,” one lady answers.

What do YOU think?

Should your sisters, mothers, daughters… be paid less than a man even though they have the same qualifications and are doing the exact same job?

Thanks for watching!

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