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Do You Know The Different Types Of Contraception?


There’s a saying in Naija, “Aids no dey show for face”; however, many young Nigerians do not know the types of contraception that are available.
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Not only do some Nigerians not know the types of contraception available, they also don’t know what contraception is or what it is even used for!

BattaBox decided to investigate and try and create some awareness about how to protect yourself form sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and pregnancies.

So Adeola took to the streets of Lagos to ask young Nigerians to list different types of contraception.

Here are some of their interesting answers…

“The things you use when you’re pregnant,” one lady answers.

Might be a little too late at that point o!

“Pills used in eradicating some kind of illness in the body.”

“I have no idea.”

“In this Nigeria, what I understand about contraception is, those who are struggling to make an ends meet,” use it.

Do YOU know the different types of contraception available?

For more information about STDs, pregnancies and the different types of contraception available in Nigeria, please visit your doctor.

Thanks for watching!

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